Notice for [COVID-19]

Dear Value Customers,

Based on our understanding, corroborated by publicly available information, here is how it will impact the Home Services industry:

All public and private companies have to close their PREMISES unless they are involved in providing an ESSENTIAL service – this list of services includes ELECTRICITY, WATER, FIRE, FUEL (GAS TONG), WASTE MANAGEMENT, TELECOMMUNICATIONS, CLEANING, FOOD SUPPLIES, TRANSPORTATION, BANKING, HEALTH, PHARMACIES, PORTS, AIRPORT.

From CLEANING service categories, Home Improvement and Home Maintenance (e.g. provide quotation, call customers, deliver services) can carry on as normal as long as there are customer orders

Please reminded that ALL service professionals and their teams need to practice the following hygiene practices:
* Hold a bottle of hand sanitizer, and sanitize hands BEFORE and AFTER leaving customer homes
* Wear a mask and wash hand frequently

The Management

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